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Last Revised September 12, 2017

History of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles - CLICK HERE


Pictures of a (MUCH) Younger Frank


Young Family Photos from the 70's


Myle's 6th Birthday Party






Ohio State - Michigan Game - 2016



Thanksgiving 2016 


Mary Dennison - 72nd Birthday 


Dominic Levisay

Pictures of Dominic's Life, Prom & Graduation



OSU Celebrates 1st College Football Championship - January 24, 2015



XMAS Lunch with the Levisay Family - December 24, 2014



Little Dribblers at the OSU Basketball Game - December 11, 2014 - With Jim Young and Shaia



Another Delicious Meal at the Home of Marya and Jim Young - May 5, 2014



Jim and Marya's New Home - January 3, 2014



Babak Rafian Going Away Party - Posted August 30, 2013


Ken and Tamara Schultz Kids' Christmas Photo - 2012 - 2011 - 2006



Thanksgiving 2012


Boating - 2011



 Easter 2011 


My New Camera - Canon SX50 HS - with 50x Telephoto Lens


Dennison's Hanging XMAS Lights - 11/11/12


Dinner with Mike & Adeline - 11/10/12



Dinner at the Young Residence - July 17, 2012 


Myles' 1st Birthday


Old Time Family Photos Can Be Viewed By Clicking on the Link Above


All the Photos in this Collection Have Been Edited to fit a 16:9 Digital Picture Frame


Thanksgiving 2011 - Click on Picture to View Photos


Jennifer Perkins & Bobbie Jo Ross Wedding Pictures Here

I visited Meridian Park early in order to be certain I knew the length of time I needed to plan for the drive as well as figure out the parking situation. Pictures from my initial visit can be viewed Here .  Anyone who has traveled to D.C. knows the parking and traffic can be horrendous.


Thanks to Lithopolis Mayor Eric Sandine, the Lithopolis Village Council, Ed VanVickle, Dean Bauer and their Respective Work Crews - the Residents of Waterloo Road Now Have Village Water Service Available


Pictures from my visit to C.O.S.I. in Columbus - Kim, Cameron & Dominic were the Guests of the 2 Stephanie's; Cassie, Olivia & Myself 

Myles Xavier Ross - July 17, 2011


Myles Xavier Perkins - Born July 8, 2011


Shaia, Paige, Trevor, Nathaniel, Tami & Frank Go Boating


Fairfield Union Falcons vs. Groveport Madison Cruisers - Cruisers Win !!!


CW Recreational League Baseball - 2011



CW 8th Grade Boys Baseball Pictures and Links to Videos


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